Father’s Day on a Budget: Ideas for a Frugal Celebration!

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and if you’re like many people, you’re looking for ways to celebrate on a budget. A day with Dad can be just as fun – and memorable – without breaking the bank. This blog post will share some ideas for how to have a great Father’s Day celebration without spending a lot of money. We’d love to hear from our readers about how they plan to celebrate Father’s Day frugally this year!

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father's day frugal celebration ideas

Frugal Ways to Honor your dad on Father’s Day

1. Make a Father’s Day card using things you already have around the house

2. Clean his car

person washing vehicle tire
Photo by Elly Johnson

3. Go for a walk around town and check out the Father’s Day sales

4. Let him have uninterrupted me-time.

5. Play with him using his favorite gadget that you already have whether it’s X-Box, Playstation, or mobile games if he’s into that.

person holding game controller in-front of television
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

2. Take Dad out for a picnic lunch in the park

3. Have a barbecue dinner at home – invite your friends and family to join in

4. Go for a hike, bike ride, or exercise together

Two People Riding Bicycle
Photo by Darcy Lawrey

5. Play games like tag or basketball – outdoors, if possible

6. Watch a movie or go out for ice cream

7. Offer to organize his tools and gadgets

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8. Prepare him a special snack or meal

9. Offer a back massage or facial massage.

10. Let him rest and mow the lawn.

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Frugal Ideas to celebrate your husband on Father’s Day

If you’re like many wives, you want to celebrate your husband on Father’s Day, but don’t want to break the bank. Here are some frugal ideas for how to show your husband that you love him.

1. Cook your husband a meal you wouldn’t normally cook.

2. Give him a gift card to his favorite store

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Photo by Nick Nice

3. Have a date night out, take advantage of Father’s day specials from restaurants.

4. Buy him a functional tool or gadget he’s been wanting

5. Make special coupon cards to give him your gift of service

6. Spend time with him doing something he enjoys – whether it’s watching his favorite sports game, playing a game together, or just chatting and relaxing

group of people beside coffee table
Photo by National Cancer Institute

7. Make the night romantic and intimate, that’s a no-fail!

What are your favourite frugal Father’s Day ideas? Share with us in the comments below! And don’t forget to celebrate the fathers and father figures in your life this year on Sunday, June 19th!

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