About Me

5 Things About Me

I am a believer.

I am a work-at-home mother, full-time for a financial company.

I am an introverted mom.

I migrated to Canada from the Philippines with my family in 2018.

I appreciate listening to audiobooks and podcasts while doing house chores and caring for my family.

Hi, I’m Marianne!

I’m so glad to meet you.

I started Finding Joy with Less to stay motivated on our financial freedom journey as a family through frugal living and living with less clutter and noise amid the saturated online era.

Having been raised by a solo parent with five kids and being a former single mom to my daughter, I have first-hand experience with how challenging it was to live on a single income. By God’s grace, my mom instilled resilience in us and find joy regardless of our wealth or lack thereof.

Fast forward to today; I am now raising a toddler and a teenager with the help of my wonderful husband, Harry.

Through a mix of frugal tips, financial education, and sharing our debt-free journey as a family, I hope to help you discover joy and a greater appreciation for life.

I also want to encourage you – if you have failed to achieve what you thought was your dream – it is OKAY to start over and build a new life by unlocking your potential with your God-given gifts and talents and use that to your advantage to gain financial freedom.