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  • Today’s revelations on self-improvement:
    Let’s commit to a journey of perpetual learning and development. Share insights that have empowered you to reduce waste or elevate your life as a leader – be in in […]
  • From Burger King to New Beginnings: A Journey of Resilience and Growth
    Five years ago, on November 11, 2018, my family and I set foot in Toronto, Ontario, embarking on a journey that would lead us to Saint John, NB. This move […]
  • Counting My Blessings: Three Things I’m Grateful For
    As we journey through life, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re thankful for. Gratitude can be a powerful force, shaping our perspective and bringing […]
  • The Power Of Mindfulness: How Being Present Can Improve Your Life
    Practicing mindfulness can improve our productivity and cultivate a positive and uplifting mindset. In this post, Marianne shares how mindfulness helps in everyday life based on learnings from last Sunday’s […]
  • 19 Healthy Relationship Habits, Love and Marriage Tips
    In this video, Episode 7 of the podcast, I interview my sister, Elly, about healthy relationship habits. She is a Filipina married to Jason, and they are based in the US with different backgrounds and cultures. Their marriage has been going strong for 18 years. Our conversation is filled with practical tips applicable to any relationship. Watch this video and learn how to take your relationships to the next level!
  • #6: When you feel like quitting..
    Feeling like giving up on a goal or task? Listen to this short episode and get the encouragement and faith you need to keep going! The transition between stages in […]

Hi, I’m Marianne

I’m glad you found this little newbie blog of mine amongst the many other longstanding ones out there.

I started Finding Joy with Less to stay motivated on the journey of living in simplicity and contentment and help my friends and others interested in pursuing this lifestyle. 

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