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proven parenting habits to live by

22 Proven Parenting Habits for a joyful life with kids

Raising children is no easy job. It requires a lot of understanding, patience and using the right parenting habits that will help guide a child in the right direction. As parents, we aim to create an environment where our children can feel safe and secure while growing up. Whether you’ve just started raising kids, have been a parent long enough, or want to be one, this article will help you adopt certain habits that will help you find joy as your kids grow.

self -improvement habits that bring joy in life

13 Easy self-improvement habits to find joy in life

Our self-awareness helps us discover what matters most to help us uncover the experiences that bring us lasting joy and satisfaction. This also helps us find out the areas we need to improve ourselves. In this episode, we will explore how we can develop healthy self-improvement habits to appreciate life better.

What's Wrong with my Skin children's book

“What’s Wrong with my Skin?”: A must-read book for Parents and Children

“What’s Wrong with my Skin?” is a children’s book by my sister, Marjorie Frenette, a Filipina author. The book tells the story of Ligaya, a young girl with brown-coloured skin. She learns to love herself and let her inner light shine, despite the influences of mainstream media and social media on the standard of beauty. This book is an excellent way to teach young ones to embrace their individuality and uniqueness!

essential baby items

Essential Baby Items? What’s Worth Getting Now And What You Won’t Need (2022)

Becoming a parent for the first time is a unique but often daunting experience. There are so many items to buy and decisions to make! What should you buy? What will your baby need? This blog post will discuss the essential baby items that we found to be indispensable during our first year of parenting our second child. We will also talk about the items that we didn’t find useful and why.