The BEST Minimalist Moms To Follow For Inspiration in 2022

As parents, we are often struggling under clutter and guilt because we feel like our homes aren’t tidy or clean enough.

Cutting back on the amount of stuff you own can be tough, but it’s worth trying. I’ve been looking for ways to simplify my life and these five moms helped me get started! 

It may seem hard at first because we are creatures who love our homes filled with pretty things-but don’t worry; they found joy in their minimalism too despite what seemed like an impossible task when starting out.

I am also adding a bonus thought leader in this space towards the end for you.

The Minimal Mom 

Dawn Madsen has been living the minimalist lifestyle for about seven years now. She is married to Tom, and she is a mom of four beautiful kids. 

I watched one of Dawn’s Youtube videos when searching on minimalism which led me to find her blog. She shares a lot of relatable content to mothers towards living a simpler life. I also love that she shares her faith in this space. She is living influence that minimalism does not equate to empty homes. Even if you decide to embark on this lifestyle, you can have home decoration.

Dawn has been very influential in my journey towards minimalism, and I’m sure she will be for you, too!

This post will help you start decluttering to simplify your home and enjoy living in it. She also shared a free printable.

Modern Frugality

Jen Smith is a co-host of the very fascinating Frugal Friends podcast. Her blog focuses on helping you spend less, save money and be debt-free. She wrote one of Amazon’s bestselling books, “The No-Spend Challenge Guide.” Jen and Travis got married in 2015 and paid off almost $78,000 in debt together. They did this in 23 months by being frugal and taking on side hustles.

If you are a busy momma, you’ll also enjoy listening to Jen and Jill’s podcast while doing your chores. They give helpful tips applicable to anyone regardless of your income level.

Squirrels of a Feather

Marissa Zen is currently based in Germany with her husband and two boys. Marissa is a minimalist who lived in the past years as someone with too much stuff. Now she shares her journey from collecting clutter to living simply, giving tips for anyone looking how to simplify their life and enjoy what’s important enough without needing more than necessary!

I also recommend checking out her post on the best organizing blogs to follow in 2022.

Small Changes

Sarah McDonald is a professional organizer, decluttering guru, and minimalist. Having been brought up by maximalists, she learned how too much stuff negatively affects the way of living well.

Sarah is based in Australia and has her Youtube channel where she doesn’t only talk about living less but the beauty of homemaking. Check out this video later.

Regardless of her battle against autoimmune disorders, Sarah has honed the skill of simplifying and organizing her home together with her family.

Shannon Torrens

Shannon is a wife to Grant and a mom to three boys. 

She blogs about their minimalistic lifestyle, which you can relate to because it feels like an average family’s home that we all know! Her blog also showcases their everyday adventures as they practice frugality while striving for happiness at home – all through simple living! I love how down to earth she is and she makes it seem like anyone could do this too. Shannon shares creativity tips or DIY furniture pieces that will make your house proud too (notably without spending tons).

And a bonus! Minimalist dad

Joshua Becker runs Becoming Minimalist along with his wife. Joshua has a great Youtube channel and several books. He is the author of Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home, and The Minimalist Home. He shares about the benefits of raising kids with less stuff. You may also want to read his article about the benefits of raising kids with fewer toys.

Still looking for more ways to simplify your life? I’ve got the perfect post just waiting. Check out my list of favorite books on minimalism and simple living!

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